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Wednesday, 13 July, 2016 -- Helen Wilson

My husband and I are on a mission to improve communication and support amongst all amputees and their families.  My husband lost his leg eight years ago due to an operation going horribly wrong. We did not know if we could have children and were blessed with two treasures in the last five years. Since the amputation and since having children we have found it very difficult to find support groups or other friends in such situations. It is quite a lonesome disability and there is a lack of understanding in the general public and government as to what amputation means for an individual and a family. Hence we have formed STEEL BONES.

STEEL BONES is a Charity which works to bring together amputees to give latest news on stump health, signpost useful services, therapists, personal trainers and provide flexible careers opportunities. We also act as a campaigning force to increase and improve NHS SERVICES for amputees. 

These are the early days of this charity; we expect to come together as a global force.  We have a great Facebook group which is our main social hub for meet ups and also connecting with each other. We are all becoming good friends on there, which is a great step towards accomplishing our aims. To consolidate this group we are working with local RAF bases who are being incredibly supportive in working with us to create a celebration family fun day so that civilian amputees meet the war heroes and also the armed forces' experts in rehabilitation.

Alongside this we are preparing to launch our website which will host a UK WIDE directory of all endorsed and highly regarded experts in the fields which amputees need PLUS also providing career advice and a sport directory as we believe sports is the key to enabling full rehabilitation. We will also have a regular blog from amputees and experts across the globe.  We have one aim to bring together a community of amputees so that we can strengthen communication, friendships and improve the support we can offer to one another.

We are currently fundraising for £1500 and would be most grateful for any donations from individuals or companies.  These kick-start funds will enable us to launch our website and produce banners, printed materials plus also cover the travel expenses of some amputees who wish to attend the celebration day but live in Scotland and Ireland. Their families would benefit massively for meeting families in the same situation so we are very keen to raise the funds they need to join us.

We are also happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities for companies and anyone keen to make a donation please contact Emma Joy-Staines on 07809 244895.”
Emma Joy-Staines (2003)

Pictured are Leigh and Emma Joy-Staines with Bob Parker - Company MD celebrating the launch of STEEL BONES