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Sixth Form Visit to BBC with OE Jim Egan

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015 -- Helen Wilson

On Monday 7 December, a group of five Sixth Form students visited Broadcasting House to meet with OE Jim Egan, CEO - BBC Global News.  All the students who went on the trip are studying English A Level and have expressed an interest in a broadcasting and journalism as a career option. 

The visit started with a Q&A session with Jim and BBC presenter Ros Atkins, who gave some fantastic advice to the group.  Ros explained that it he had three rules he worked towards regarding his career.  Firstly, try and work out what success looks like to you and how it can be achieved.  Success isn’t reached over night and can take some planning to achieve. It’s also fine to ask for help in ascertaining what you want and how you can get there.  Secondly, Ros told the group to always be interested and curious in what is going on around them.  The world is a very interesting place but by decided something is not worthy of you attention, can mean you miss out on experiences and opportunities.  His final piece of advice was to be the best you can be at all times.  Do every job to the best of your ability, whether that is a small task or a major one, do justice to yourself.  That way you will be known as someone who can be relied upon, reliable and whose work is to the highest standard.  Not only will this stand you in good stead with your colleagues, it will also help you to enjoy your work every day.

Jim gave some great advice on interviews, which included being prepared and really understanding what job you are being interviewed for and how that role fits into the organisation. Preparation shows both respect to the person who is conducting the interview but also gives you the confidence to be yourself. Jim spoke in more depth about building your CV at the Media Careers evening back in April.

The group were then given a tour of Broadcasting House by Jim, including the news floor where they were able to walk past the live BBC news set, a shot that we see each day when we watch the news but very rarely get to be part of!

The visit ended with Ros inviting the group to watch the live broadcast of his show Outside Source from the set.  The Floor Manager ensured that the group were fully briefed on what was happening, including when the camera would be on them.  They were able to listen to a feed from the producer and editor who was talking to Ros throughout the broadcast.  It was fascinating to see just how much is involved in presenting a news programme and how well the presenter handed listening, speaking and reading all at the same time, a skill he has learnt over many years!