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Pedalling Africa North to South

Friday, 23 February, 2018 -- joe

OE Ralph Weir (2013) is currently taking a break from his journey to become a Civil Servant to travel across Africa by bike on the Tour d’Afrique route. The 11,000-kilometre route will take Ralph (pictured above, centre), accompanied by friends Calum and Ed, through 10 countries from Cairo down to Kenya, southwest across the continent to Namibia, then south along the Atlantic Seaboard into Cape Town. Fueled purely by pedal-power, and without any motorised backup, the journey is expected to take around six months.

Ralph’s father, Alan, wrote in to the Elthamians team at the start of February to tell us more about the expedition. He writes “As I type, he is settling down in camp, 75 kms sou'east of Cairo with two friends and their long-term companions, three heavily laden steel framed bikes (surly Long-Haul Truckers with 26" rims, so we are told.” … “It can be done. It has been done. But it is a huge undertaking, through all manner of terrain, weather and who knows what all else.”

The purpose of the expedition is to raise funds for the Against Malaria Foundation with a target of $30,000. Through a partnership with Sumitomo Chemical (UK), pioneers in the mosquito net business, the team aim to provide those in areas affected by malaria with impregnated mosquito nets. For every £100 the team raise, the company will match the donation by supplying enough nets to protect a village of 250 people for three years from a disease that kills over 400,000 a year, mostly under-fives in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the time of writing, they have already raised over $4,500 which equates to 2,276 mosquito nets.

If you’d like to support Ralph and co., donations can be made on their fundraising site here.

To keep up-to-date with the progress of the expedition, you can follow their blog here.