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OEs Speak on Oxbridge Panel

Thursday, 27 September, 2018 -- joe

On Thursday 27 September, four Oxbridge OEs returned to the College to talk to current Oxbridge candidates about their experiences of applying to, and studying at, both Oxford and Cambridge. With two Medics (Aamir and Bayo), as well as a recent PPE graduate (Harsha) and Natural Sciences and Geology scholar (Nathan), the Upper Sixth Form benefitted from helpful advice and insights from our diverse panel. The OEs then fielded a range of questions, including what they enjoyed most, and least, about their time at Oxbridge, and how to prepare most effectively for admissions tests.

We are extremely grateful to Aamir, Bayo, Harsha and Nathan for their time and enthusiasm for our Oxbridge Programme. If you would like to see the range of activities we offer our students, and are keen to get involved as an Elthamentor, please click this link to register your interest.