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OE Michael Barton Gives Landmark Lecture on Autism

Monday, 13 October, 2014 -- Helen Wilson

Michael Barton (2010), a physics graduate with high functioning autism, will give a talk describing how autism should be thought of as a difference rather than a disorder and how he has found ways to use his autistic attributes to his advantage. The talk is part of a national speaking tour. 

Michael is the author and illustrator of “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” which demonstrates very clearly his logical and often literal way of thinking. His second book “A Different Kettle of Fish” is a journey in which he describes in detail how he interprets his environment and shows people just how illogical the “normal” world appears to him.

In his talks Michael encourages autistic people to focus on their strengths, explains how to overcome their weaknesses and he helps neurotypical people gain a better understanding of the autistic world. He also talks about strategies that have helped him throughout school and university and that autistic people can make a valuable contribution to society.