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Mr Pringle reaches 40 Years at Eltham College!

Thursday, 5 June, 2014 -- Helen Wilson

Mr Pringle attended Dulwich College from 1962-69, where he was a contemporary of our Archivist, Mr Mark Stickings. He went on to read Physics and Maths at Reading University, followed by a PGCE at London University. Once appointed, he was asked to start half a term earlier than originally planned as his services were desperately needed to teach Maths and Physics.

Mr Pringle entered the Physics department in the June of 1974 under Mr Gordon Teichmann. Along the way, he worked with legends such as Mr Howard Gould and Mr Albert Tatt before spending almost twenty years in harness with Mr Simon McGrahan (now Director of Development). His mastery of all things electronic and electromagnetic remains unrivalled but don't ask him about the laws governing variable masses of gasses!


He has been Head of Computing since the subject, using computers within the College, was introduced into the curriculum in 1978.  At that time the micro-processor chip had only just been invented and micro-computers were a thing of the future, so Mr Pringle built one, and then many more. During the holidays a computer “production line” was set up in a Physics lab and the money earned was used to fund more computers for the school. A computer built by him featured on the BBC Tomorrow’s World program! Along with Gordon Teichmann, he built our first and second Computer Rooms.

For many years, he alone was responsible for the network and every computer on site! He mended broken computers as well as teaching pupils, and staff, how to use them. In the Bursary he computerized Fee Billing, Purchase Ledger and Payroll and took on all kinds of things no longer considered the responsibility of the Computing and ICT department, like fixing street lights to the outside of the buildings so the site was not so gloomy and dangerous at night time.

Mr Pringle’s General Studies lessons were very popular; “Car Maintenance for Beginners” saw staff elbowing pupils out of the way as he explained how to change brake pads and the like. He even built and fitted a few kitchens and central-heating systems along the way.

More recently, Mr Pringle produces the timetable as well as sorting cover for absent staff.

His skills span more than Maths, Physics, Computing and time tabling as he regularly plays the organ in Chapel and has done since his arrival.

Mr Pringle, as prematurley grey as the day he arrived, can always be seen around the school with a sunny “Wotcha” in passing. He considers himself very fortunate that he has only been off sick twice. It’s not often that we are able to celebrate such commitment and longevity of service but Mr Pringle has always been, and remains, a great asset to Eltham College.