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Inside the Fireball!

Wednesday, 9 September, 2015 -- Helen Wilson

After leaving Eltham College in 2008, James Hopkins completed a Law degree at King's College London, leaving with a 2.1. However, shortly after leaving, he knew that working in Law was not for him and set off to Washington DC where he worked in a pizzeria in for six months, learning how to make authentic Neapolitan style wood fired pizza.

James told us why they decided to set up The Fireball Pizza Company back in the UK. “It seemed to us that a similar concept would work well in the UK, specifically the Bromley area, which is dominated by the large pizza chains with little in the way of an authentic alternative.  After coming back, I spent a couple of years working on a hot food stall at Borough Market while we began planning to open our own place. 

Our efforts go beyond our pizza for which we prepare the dough from scratch every day; all our bread and ice cream is also made on the premises. In addition, we’ll look to add to our craft beers and drinks menu as we gauge more accurately what people like and want.”

James has also got some great expertise in his corner, in the form of Michele Lucci, who was runner up in the 2013 World Pizza Championships. “It takes time master a wood fired oven – and fresh dough is a living product which is not always entirely predictable. That’s part of the daily challenge.”

The Fireball opened on March 24th 2015 in Chatterton Road, Bromley and they have been really pleased and encouraged by the positive feedback they have been getting. Hopefully this will continue! OEs are being offered a 20% discount for their visit to The Fireball, just take along a copy of the Summer 2015 Plane Talking.

Visit www.fireballpizza.co.uk or call 020 8466 8137 to book a table or order a take away.

James Hopkins is pictured with pizza chef Michele Lucci.