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Class of 2006 - 10 Year Reunion

Wednesday, 28 September, 2016 -- Helen Wilson

On Thursday 15 September, the Class of 2006 were invited to a drinks reception in London marking 10 years since leaving Eltham College. It was a great turn out and joining the OEs were teaching staff Adrian Thomas, Mark O'Dwyer, Elaine Galloway and Development Director Simon McGrahan.  Former teachers Peter Richards and Ben Pollard were also able to make the drinks.

It was great to catch up with all the OEs and learn about what they have been up to since leaving.  Many 2006 leavers are working in the City, whilst others are starting to move away from the Capital as thoughts are turning to the next stages of their lives. Lots of memories of Eltham College were discussed including ski trips, the 2006 Leavers' ball and the rugby tour to California!

Images from the evening can be viewed on the OE Flickr page.

OEs who attended were;

Tom Campbell, John Corlett, Peter Levy, Simon Martin, Kavi Mayor, Guy Heskins, Justin Houlton, Gwilym Jones, Joe Keeper, Michael Roberts, Shovik Sarangi, Roland Slade, Adrian Thomas, Christopher Thompson, Ed Velasco, Jack Wakeling, Alex Wort, Lauren Eastwood Hancox, Louise Warman, Lucy Watkins, Charlotte Seymour, Caroline Amos, Oli Baggaley, Lauren Newton, Shauna Patel and Andi Hoffman.

Pictured at the top of the page are: Alex Wort, Chris Thompson, Guy Heskins, Gwilym Jones, Simon Martin, Shovik Sarangi and Kavi Mayor.

Lauren Newton, Tom Campbell, Becky Arnheim and Shauna Patel