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Carl Hewson 1989 - 2016

Monday, 17 July, 2017 -- Helen Wilson

Following the extremely sad loss of their son Carl, aged just 27, in December 2016, Auriol and Nigel Hewson wrote the below obituary for Plane Talking.

Carl entered the world on 5 June 1989. It should have been obvious that he would be very physically active because his mum had external bruising from constant kicking while she carried him. Nurses on the maternity ward commented that his legs never stayed still. At age eleven Carl came 5th in the London Mini Marathon even though he was a year younger than those he was competing with. He also ran cross country for Kent and at Eltham College he earned the name ‘Pocket-Rocket’ because he was very small for his age but incredibly fast.

Primary school was not always easy for Carl as he often felt he did not fit in. However, this changed for the better when he moved for secondary education to Eltham College where he had been awarded a music scholarship. Carl played French horn to beyond grade 8 standard as well as piano and was encouraged by some to consider a career as a professional musician. He returned nearly every year to play in the ECCO concert. He was also very artistic; two of his paintings were acquired by the Head of Global Risk for Citibank and his seven large paintings of Holst’s Planet Suite hang in the Physics corridor at Eltham College.

Carl was privileged to gain a place at Worcester College, Oxford where he matured quickly developing a wide friendship group. He loved his time at Oxford enjoying sport, the Christian Union, music, friendship and his studies. He served on the Executive Committee of the Oxford University Christian Union as Prayer Secretary and in his third year at Oxford was persuaded to take ballroom dancing lessons by one of the girls in the Christian Union who was looking for a dancing partner. The two of them were successful enough to gain a place at the National University Ballroom Finals in Blackpool.

When Carl left Oxford with a Masters in Engineering Science he initially worked for an engineering consultancy specialising in demolition and temporary works where he was involved in early stages of the London Cable Car project. However, Carl had dreamt of working for Arup for years and was thrilled when he landed his dream job. He was passionate about his work and thrived on solving engineering problems including those arising from his involvement with the Triplet (gas holder) project at Kings Cross.

Carl was diagnosed with leukaemia in July 2015 and battled it for 16 months. He achieved a great deal but more importantly Carl was a person of integrity, kindness and faith in God. When he was only four years old he heard a children’s version of the Easter story which made him cry and he said “if Jesus died for me then I want to live for Jesus”. His faith never wavered. He loved people and especially children. He doted on his god-children and hoped for children of his own.

Carl found the prospect of the process of dying daunting but he boldly told people that he was not scared of death because he knew where he was going.