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Cancer Pioneers Honoured by Prime Minister

Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 -- Helen Wilson

Cancer pioneers and OEs Trevor and Ray Powles (1949 - 1956) were recently honoured at the Pride of Britain Ceremony with a 'Lifetime Achievement' Award for their cancer research work which has saved thousands of lives in Britain and around the world.  The twins, who were born 20 minutes apart either side of midnight, were elated to receive the award, the crowning glory for their respective 50-year careers in medicine.

Presenting the award was Prime Minister David Cameron who described them as "heroes who dedicated their lives to the fight against cancer". Trevor and Ray admitted that they were overwhelmed by the reception and standing ovation that they received.  They are only the second doctors to receive the award over the last 16 years and were accompanied to the reception by their children, four of whom have gone on to become leading doctors in their fields.
"This is ten times bigger than anything I've ever known before," said Ray. "This is something stratospheric. I was at the Chelsea Champions League win in Hamburg and this is way better than that!  It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. When you are in work, you just do it, it's unstoppable, but something like this does give us a lot of support. After something like this the whole team is encouraged."
"It was unbelievable to meet the Prime Minister," said Trevor.  "It was very, very special. After seeing some of the people who won awards before us I was quite nervous, what they have done is truly amazing. We found out about six weeks ago we would receive the award and we couldn't believe it."
"To be able to go on the rostrum at a time like this for cancer research is a really good time, suddenly it has all turned on its head.  My only regret is I'm not 25! I'd like to be starting again."
Both Trevor and Ray took clinics during the day before heading to the ceremony - leading by example as they have done throughout their careers.