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Annual Reunion Dinner at Eltham College

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014 -- Helen Wilson

The 4s and 9s Reunion dinner was attended by the Classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1989 and 1994.  Held at Eltham College on Saturday 11th October, for many this was the first time back at school since leaving.

The dinner was open to all OEs who left the school with a 4 or a 9 in their year of leaving, and the invite was taken up by Classes of 1964, 1969, 1974, 1989 and 1994.  We get asked why we set up the reunions this way and the answer is that we choose the years which have an anniversary to mark i.e. 20 years since leaving the school.

Along with the OEs, there were also teaching and former teaching staff at the dinner.  Current staff Tim Hotham, Adrian Thomas, Penny Waterson and Simon McGrahan were joined by retired staff Annette German, Tony Earl, Paul McCartney, Keith Baron and former Headmaster Malcom Green who attended with his wife Sally. 

Headmaster Guy Sanderson was on hand to greet the OEs as they arrived at school.  The 1974 leavers choose to go straight to the Chapel and gathered there to sing accompanied by OE Guy Collins on the organ.

Many OEs set off on tours of the school upon arrival, with the whole school including the Science Block, Tuck Shop and Chapel open for OEs and their guests to look around.  After the tours and a drinks reception in Central Hall, the dinner commenced in King George’s Hall, which is now double the size since all of the OEs have left. 

The school’s new chef served a delicious meal, however the lack of a spotted dick dessert did not go unnoticed, maybe the next reunion dinner will be an old style menu.  However, one OE Andy McKercher (1964) enjoyed the dinner so much, he came back into school the following Monday with his wife for a school lunch!

After dinner, coffees were served back in Central Hall.  This gave OEs the chance to take a look at all the memorabilia on display in the Old Library, organised by school Archivist Mark Stickings. Many stories were told as OEs reminisced over pictures, copies of The Elthamian, school play programmes and sporting images.

A rousing rendition of Jerusalem closed the evening, with all OEs taking part in the song which for so many reminds them of assemblies in the Chapel.

Images from the reunion dinner can be viewed here.