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1940s and 1950s Reunion at Eltam College

Monday, 23 June, 2014 -- Helen Wilson

Sunday 22nd June 2014 was a very sunny day and offered a warm welcome back to Eltham College for the Old Elthamians who left in the 1940s and 1950s. For some, it was their first time back since leaving school many years ago and for others, who have been able to return, it was the chance to once again visit the school. 

Many OEs had bought guests with them and it was lovely to see the pride in which they walked their guests around the school, pointing out former classrooms, dormitories and scenes of school boy high jinks! The school’s Prefects were on duty to meet and greet the attendees and take them on tours of the school buildings and grounds.  All the Prefects commented on how privileged they felt to be able to meet and talk to OEs who had attended the school and discuss with them the changes that have made and the experience of attending Eltham College as a current pupil.

A drinks reception in Central Hall was followed by a photo call in the Old Quad and then a three course lunch in King George’s Hall, which has doubled in size in recent years.  After lunch OEs and their guests were invited to watch the annual summer cricket match (won by the OE First XI) and have afternoon tea in the cricket pavilion. 

We were very pleased to see so many OEs return for the lunch, and had many more, who although not able to attend, sent warm wishes to any former classmates who remembered them.  Whilst the reunion was for 1940s and 1950s leavers, we also welcomed back Leonard Lovelock who at 96 was the oldest OE to attend, having left in 1936.  Leonard is still local to the school but flew in from Canada on the morning of the reunion in order to attend the lunch. 

Images from the reunion can be viewed here on our Flickr page.

We look forward to keeping in touch and welcomimg back to the school many of the attendees to another reunion in the near future.

Attendees were (by year of leaving):-

Leonard Lovelock (1937) 
Douglas Peters (1943) 
John Burkett (1944) 
Derek Andrews (1945)  Ron Dungate (1945) Frank Wells (1945) 
Hartog Berkeley (1946) Keith Bradshaw (1946)
Jack Lucy (1947) Malcolm Paterson (1947) 
Denis Bews (1948) Brian Casidy (1948) Ron Ellis (1948) Thomas Cochrane (1948) Alan Jones (1948) David Jordan (1948)
Alec Luxon (1949) Graham Matthews (1949) 
Clive Button (1950) John Isaacson (1950) Ken Seabrook (1950) Colin Thomas (1950) 
Colin Bryan (1951) David Edwards (1951) Clive Robinson (1951) Richard  Thomas (1951) 
John Dight (1952) John Morgan (1952) Bob Morley (1952) Peter Watkins (1952) 
Steve Finnis (1953) Walford Gillison (1953) Brian Richardson (1953) Robert Husson (1953) 
Peter Beattie (1954) Derek Lockstone (1954) Roger Scopes (1954) Julian  Sturdy (1954) 
Michael Amos (1955) Lionel Cole (1955) Michael Fox (1955) Alan Furness (1955) 
Jeff Levick (1955) Alan Matthews (1955) Peter Trowell (1955) 
Robert Elliston (1956) Michael James (1956) David Siderfin (1956) Peter Waters (1956)
Warren Lister (1957) 
Brian Adcock (1958) Peter Brierley (1958) Robin Foster (1958) Ian Gillham (1958) Axel Johne (1958) Barry Martin (1958) Clive Purkiss (1958) John Strange (1958) Ken Wilson (1958) 
Nigel Ballantyne (1959)