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Construction Networking Event

Thursday, 3 May, 2018 - 18:30
Central London

After the success of the OE Lawyers event, the next networking event will be hosted by Tim Haden-Scott, investment director at Delancey, for those involved in Construction (in whatever capacity, architects, real-estate agents, property, surveying, building and construction etc.).

Details to follow, but if you are interested please drop the Elthamians Office an email


Graham Ford (1970)
Simon Bibby (1972)
Timothy Dungate (1977)
Nick Byers (1980)
Nick Foxley (1983)
Tim Haden-Scott (1983)
Martin Bellinger (1984)
Siward Ball (1985)
Jonathan Rickard (1986)
Kees van der Sandre (1990)
Suzanne Brewer (1992)
Neil Hope (1993)
Christopher Brain (1998)
Jack Wootton (2002)
Adrian Loughman (2004)
Nikhil Sehmi (2005)
John Corlett (2006)
James Blythe-Brook (2008)
Frederick Muirhead (2008)
James Blythe-Brook (2008)
Anthony Barron (2008)
Alexander Woolcott (2009)
Geoffrey Gaisie (2009)