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2018 All the 3s and 8s Reunion Dinner

Saturday, 6 October, 2018 - 18:30
Eltham College
Grove Park Road
SE9 4QF Mottingham

We’d be delighted to see you back at Eltham College to meet up with former classmates and take a trip down memory lane on Saturday 6 October at 6.30pm. You are more than welcome to bring a guest to the dinner and you will be sat with classmates from your year. We are also inviting some former teachers for some if not all years!

The evening will commence at 6.30pm and a tour of the school, including a look at the new Turberville Building, followed by drinks in Central Hall . 

Dinner will be a three course meal at 8pm in King George's Hall. Tickets for the reunion are £35 and include reception drinks, dinner, and wine. Partners are always welcome to attend and many OEs bring guests with them for this dinner.  

All OEs and guests will be sat with fellow OEs from their year, if you would like to book a whole table for a group that you will be coming with, please do let us know. 

A list of those attending so far is below the booking form, staff attending:

Annette German, Jan Pringle, Michael Bailey, Mark Stickings, Keith Barron, Elaine Galloway, Simon McGrahan, Tim Hotham

Bookings have now closed, any last minute changes, please ring the Elthamians Office on 020 8851 9840


Adrian Ruffle +1
Adrian Baulf +1
John Ellis +1
John Hopkins +1
Stephen Grenfell
Richard Gray +1
David Gee
Christopher Leach
Michael Campbell Ricketts +1
Kemsley Allison
Graham Clark + 1
Joseph Hockey +1

Anthony Bennett
Anthony Sarjeant +1
John Clark
Nicholas Flight +1
David Sanders
Roger Moore
David Meacock +1
Christopher Byrne +1
Paul Reeve
Malcolm Gardiner +1
Nicholas Darton-Bigg +1


Douglas Howie + 1

Mark Latham +1
Jeremy Wright
Matthew Leach
Krishanu Sen +1
David Sewell
Christopher Purkiss
Guy Roper-Lowe
Nick Freeman
David Vickery

Samantha Norman +1
Martin Holcombe
Mary Bateman +1
Victoria Pace +1
Melanie Collins +1
Lucy McKane
John Doonan
Tim Haden-Scott
Margaret Bartley
Liz Pinder
Alison Roberts
Timothy Norris
Nick Foxley
John Foxley
Mark Bairstow
John Tadman
James Thompson
Simon Long
Daniel Glover
Caroline Holmes
Robert Hammerton
Mark Wilson
Gerry Brown

Miles Baillie
Marcus Idle
Kate Biro
Matthew Hart

James Irvine
​Suzy Speirs
Greg Lawrie
Jason Witcombe
Timothy Ruffle
Leo Reiff
Andrew Durham
Mark Draycott
Terry Dennis
Neil Hope
Laurence Bosshard
Alec Cameron
Ben Johnson

Thomas Maloney
Oliver Bolton
Toby Lomax