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Leave a legacy

The success of Eltham College today is a living testimony to the commitment of former generations to its future. Academically and socially, the school strives to achieve the highest standards. The school also seeks to provide a well-rounded experience so that its pupils are prepared for all the challenges of life, just as it has done for past generations of Elthamians.

The Eltham College vision is of an all-round educational excellence, serving pupils from a wide range of backgrounds. We believe that in the independent school environment of the 21st century this best reflects the aspiration of our founders, over 160 years ago. We want to widen access to excellence by offering more means-tested bursaries. The benefits of offering such awards extend beyond those who receive them; they enrich the whole school by enhancing its intellectual and social diversity. With the school’s founding principles in mind, Eltham College is seeking to create an expendable endowment to secure the future provision of means-tested bursaries. Many pupils in the past were recipients of the Government’s Direct Grant or Assisted Place Schemes, which ended in 2004.

Today Eltham College has continued to accept some very talented students by offering financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries, thanks in part to the generosity of those who themselves benefited from their education here. We need your help to ensure that future generations of pupils can enjoy the same opportunities as those who came before them. By including a gift to the school in your Will, you can help to shape the future of Eltham College and Elthamians for many years to come.

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