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Annual fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is an appeal made yearly to all members of the Eltham College Community. It aims to provide the resources to fund modest and achievable projects which enhance the life and educational development of our pupils. It also provides bursarial support for those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from what Eltham College has to offer.

Another feature of the Annual Fund is that it nurtures a closer relationship between the school and Old Elthamians, parents and friends through regular giving to projects that will be realised within a year. In this way we seek to show that gifts of any size can make a genuine difference to the school and that it is your participation that really counts.

The Annual Fund now has a proven track record and continues to deliver real benefits to parents, pupils and staff which school fees alone simply cannot deliver. Eltham College is striving to provide the very best educational environment to develop the next generation of young people, enabling them to reach their true potential. The first seven Annual Fund campaigns have raised over 800,000, two thirds of which has been distributed in Bursaries.

Why give to Eltham College? 

Eltham College is proud of the achievements of its pupils and the contribution former pupils make to every walk of life. The Governors are responsible both for the development of the buildings and grounds and for the provision of Bursaries, combining careful management of resources, judicious borrowing and the generosity of Old Elthamians and Parents. This year we are asking for help with Bursaries and two initiatives - the expansion of language provision in the Junior School and the redevelopment of King George’s Hall. 

What will the money be spent on?


Eltham College currently offers over 200 Scholarships and Bursaries, ensuring that access to the school’s all-round educational excellence is available to gifted pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds, regardless of family income. The benefits of offering such awards extend beyond those who receive them, enhancing our social diversity and enriching the Eltham College community. 

Redevelopment of King George’s Hall

Outstanding schools are never just about academic work; it is equally important to us that we consider the wider wellbeing of our community. The existing facilities in King George’s Hall are inefficient and not ideal for our younger boys. 

In a phased development we aim to modernise our cooking facilities and improve the quality of the dining space by adding acoustic panels, better lighting, new flooring and fully mobile counters. The new layout offers the potential for "theatre" cooking, enabling us to prepare pupils for their culinary life after Eltham College. 

Junior School Languages 

Following our languages review, French teaching is being extended to all year groups in the Junior School and German will be introduced in Year 6. With all pupils learning three languages, including Mandarin, during their time at ECJS, a new languages facility will be created and we are looking for help with the funding of the equipment the pupils will use there. 

Language learning during the early years centres on speaking and listening skills. With your help the pupils will be able to create recordings, videos and animations, both for play-back learning use and to develop resources for each other. This new equipment will also allow us to set up direct links with our partner schools in other countries. 

How much should I give?

However much you feel comfortable giving. Participation is the key, not the level of generosity. Gifts can be single or spread over the year through paying monthly by direct debit. If you are a UK taxpayer, signing the Gift Aid declaration on the Gift Form will maximise the value of your donation. For every £100 donated, Eltham College can claim an additional £25 from HM Revenue and Customs. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer you will also be able to claim extra tax relief on your gift from HM Revenue and Customs through your annual Self-Assessment Return.

To read the 2018 leaflet, please download the attachment below