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Centenary Campaign The Solution


The Governors are planning a three phase development of the Senior School teaching facilities over a five year period.

Science Block

The development of the first floor of the science block by building two new rooms at the south end has provide an extra Biology laboratory in addition to another cross-curricular room with dedicated computer resources, much in demand by all subjects. This enabled Eltham College to respond to the increased demand in these two areas in addition to putting Biology on an equal footing with the other two core sciences. 

The cost of the development was £400.000.

Old Quad Centenary Wing

The new Centenary Wing will be the most significant 
capital programme ever undertaken by Eltham College, 
offering a modern spacious learning environment and 
providing new departmental bases for Mathematics, 
Modern Languages and Latin. Situated on the western 
side of Old Quad, the three storey Centenary Wing will 
replace the six teaching rooms currently in the Jubilee
Block with eighteen new classrooms, seminar rooms

and offices. It will offer superb teaching facilities 
and increased space, more than doubling the current 
Jubilee Blocks 831m2
In addition to providing teaching bases for these three 
departments, the Centenary Wing will also benefit other 
subjects such as History, Geography and English which 
are currently making their own rooms available to these 

Sixth Form Centre

The calls of 21st century global society place an ever
greater demand on young people. To respond to these 
demands we will constuct a new centre on the present 
site with the addition of a third storey to match the
Centenary Wing.
The building will accommodate a large ground floor 
social area and a professionally staffed internet cafe
alongside a dedicated base for Higher Education 
advice and Career mentoring.
We are increasing the study areas available to our 
Sixth Formers with the construction of the internet 
cafe, located in the Open Plan Common Room, which 
will encourage collaborative learning.Additionally, to 
ensure that the building is woven into the very fabric 
of the school, the first floor collaborative learning area
 and internet cafe will be connected to both the 
existingOn the second floor the silent study area will be fitted 
with carrels, which will encourage focused and 
independent learning. The area will also provide space
for extra seminar rooms and offices for the Sixth Form
Heads of Year North Wing and the new Centenary Wing.

Widening Access and Student Support

Eltham College today offers over 200
Scholarships and Bursaries, ensuring that
gifted pupils from a wide variety of
backgrounds can access the school's all
round educational excellence. The benefits
of offering such awards extend beyond
those who receive them, enriching the
Eltham College community and enhancing
its social diversity.

We are seeking to create an endowment to
secure the future provision of means-tested
bursaries. The Centenary Campaign will
address this, enabling deserving children to
access the same opportunities that previous
Elthamians have enjoyed.

Four years ago we introduced Community
Bursaries, providing up to 100% fee support
to pupils from the local community. Eltham
College is very well positioned to help make a
huge difference to the lives and life chances
of those children; our aspiration is to provide
Community 100% bursaries to between three
and five children every year.


The Centenary Campaign Goal
is to create a £2 million
endowment for increased
provision towards 
means-tested bursaries.

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