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Centenary Campaign President Message


I grew up in North Yorkshire and was lucky enough to attend a Direct Grant Grammar school, Sir William Turner’s School in Redcar, Yorkshire. Sir William Turner, appointed Lord Mayor of London, left funds in his will to establish a school in his name. I consider the education I received at his school to have been excellent.

When I moved to London I was keen to find a good school for my two sons. I was extremely fortunate to have found Eltham College. My sons benefitted from outstanding academic provision and also from the remarkable breadth of extracurricular and extramural activities. Not only that, the community spirit which pervades Eltham College has ensured that although they have moved away from this part of London, they both regularly meet with a wide group of friends made while they were at the school.

Eltham College does not have an endowment. Any capital projects have to be funded out of the school’s income, or by borrowing by fundraising. We plan to develop the Old Quad to encompass new classrooms and a Sixth Form centre, but need your help to support our Centenary Campaign . I believe that my sons received an exceptional level of education at Eltham College and that is why I feel privileged to support our Campaign.

The other objective of our Centenary Campaign is to advance bursary provision at Eltham College, ensuring that we maintain the school’s egalitarian ethos which makes it such a special community, much like the Direct Grant school I attended.

The leadership the Headmaster has provided has placed our school in a strong academic position and our Bursar has diligently managed Eltham College’s assets. The funds we raise will be carefully utilised and future pupils will benefit greatly, enabling them to make their own contribution to securing Eltham College’s future in their turn. May I thank you for your generosity to our school.

David Robins

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