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Centenary Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

How many phases are there for this project, what are they and how much money are we trying to raise for this project?

The Centenary Campaign has three building phases, and the formation of a Bursary Foundation. The Science Block cost £400k and the pupils and staff are already appreciating this new facility. The Centenary Wing and Sixth Form Centre  are projected to cost £10.5m. The Bursary Foundation has an initial target of £2m

How much has already been raised / pledged?

Over £5m

What happens if we don’t raise the money

If the Governors decided not to proceed with any specific part of the campaign, then money donated to that part would be returned to the donor.

Who are the architects?

Levitt Bernstein, they are well known in the Education Sector.

How long have we spent planning this development project?

The space survey was conducted in 2011 which identified a shortage of Biology lab space, dedicated Mathematics rooms and the temporary nature of the Latin classrooms. They also identified the Sixth Form Centre as being an area of the school which has already been adapted twice from its original purpose.

Have we got Planning permission and what do the neighbours think

Before seeking planning permission we held a public consultation. We adapted our plans after consulting our immediate neighbours. 

When will each phase begin and how long will they take to complete?

To minimise the disruption to the school with demolition and removal of building waste, we would envisage the work beginning happening during the summer holidays. If we just build both the teaching blocks and the Sixth Form Centre together we would estimate a 14 month build.

How much disruption will there be to school life if they are done separately or together

The disruption will be minimised. We will put temporary classrooms and potentially a Sixth Form Centre on the school fields between the tennis courts and the cricket pavilion. We will lose a cricket square but we have others on the extended school grounds. There would be less overall disruption if both phases were done together.

Why do we need to launch a development project?

Most fund raising campaigns have silent and public phases. The aim of the silent phase is to reach the point where we can feel confident that the final target is reachable. The launch enables us to enter the public phase to tell everyone of our plans.

Development Board and Sponsorship

The fundraising is being coordinated by the Development Board, a group of OEs and Parents. They have looked at ways of financing the project. We would be open to sponsorship but so far have not identified a suitable partner.

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