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March 2017

Wednesday, 8 March, 2017 - 00:00

We were delighted to welcome back seven OEs to join the International Women's Day Forum held at Eltham College on 7 March.

Thursday, 16 March, 2017 - 00:00

In honour of International Women’s Day in March, an evening was organised for the Sixth Form Girls and prospective students to meet with a panel of female Elthamians. The panel of six women with a range of careers, was facilitated by Mrs Sanderson. The forum was extremely interesting as each professional explained their journey into their specific careers, giving advice on how to stand out and strive in the workplace.

Thursday, 23 March, 2017 - 00:00

Eltham College was delighted to welcome back Haroon Chugtai, who left in 2012 to study BioMedical Engineering and then BioInformatics before joining the NHS.

Saturday, 1 April, 2017 - 00:00

Adrian Baulf (1963) hosted an OEA reunion in Sydney, with nine OEs gathering for dinner on Monday 27 March 2017.